Fun for the entire family
Polly's Pumpkin Patch LLC offers Northeast Wisconsin residents so much more than fresh berries, produce, sweet corn and vegetables, grown right here and harvested every day! We also specialize in Wisconsin Cheese, Door County products, local honey, crafts and much much more!

Polly's also has a huge selection of pumpkins, gourds and everything else needed for fall decorating! Looking for a fun place to bring the family? We have enough to keep you entertained all day with our 15 acre Corn Maze and Family Activity Center open in September and October!

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Jun 16 - 7:37 pm
We are sold out for the day and are closed now!
Jun 16 - 4:00 pm
WE ARE OPEN! We are officially open for pick your own Strawberry picking! We recommend watching our facebook page or checking our dedicated "Berries" page on our website for the latest updates, as the berries are coming in waves, and availability will vary by day! For the latest updates visit
Jun 16 - 1:35 am
Saturday PYO and shop open at 0700. If it rains, or berries run out, we will close prior to 4 pm. I will have Strawberry and Strawberry Rhubarb pies for sale too.
Jun 15 - 3:04 pm
Friday 10 am we have 4 quarts and 1 pie left for sale today. We had to quit picking due to this heavenly rain! If you would like to place an order please private message me. Do not leave it in a comment as I might miss it.
Jun 15 - 2:13 am
Friday we will be open from 9-3. I will have Strawberry and Strawberry Rhubarb pies tomorrow and Saturday. If we sell out we will close early. Thank you to all of you who came today for PYO!! It got pretty hot out there. Boy do we need rain!
Jun 14 - 7:03 pm
Sold out today! I’m baking pies tomorrow morning!!
Jun 13 - 8:00 pm
Wednesday 3pm update. I have 1 ten pound flat and 6 quarts left! Call me if you want them! 849-4819. You may call to order also ! PS they are as good as they look! Drip down your chin juicy!
Jun 13 - 2:49 pm
Berries are ready! We will be open today until 5 pm or until we sell out!
Jun 12 - 8:41 pm
Sold out today and closing the shop. Open again tomorrow!!
Jun 12 - 7:39 pm
I still have a flat and 6 quarts left today-Tuesday open til 5!

Polly's Pumpkin Patch opened in 2003 when we decided to carry on the farming tradition and bought the Juckem family farm. The farm has been in the Juckem family since 1889 and vegetables were grown here then also.

We feel its very important to offer the freshest produce, harvested daily by hand to all our customers.