Fun for the entire family
Polly's Pumpkin Patch LLC offers Northeast Wisconsin residents so much more than fresh berries, produce, sweet corn and vegetables, grown right here and harvested every day! We also specialize in Wisconsin Cheese, Door County products, local honey, crafts and much much more!

Polly's also has a huge selection of pumpkins, gourds and everything else needed for fall decorating! Looking for a fun place to bring the family? We have enough to keep you entertained all day with our 15 acre Corn Maze and Family Activity Center open in September and October!

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Aug 14 - 1:46 pm
Have you ever wondered how Polly's makes their corn maze? Well, we documented the process since Spring so we could show you how. What do you think this years design is? Guess it right in the comments below, and you could win a pair of tickets to opening day for the maze! Stay tuned for our Corn Maze design unveil video coming soon... for more information visit
Aug 11 - 12:41 pm
Fresh picked green and yellow beans today. I also picked some pickles- small, medium and large all bagged up. And some zucchini too! In cooler in front of the shop.
Aug 9 - 2:06 pm
Green and yellow beans are picked today! I will package them mixed and separate .Will be in Cooler in front of shop.
Aug 9 - 1:16 pm
I have a 1/2 bushel 2-3” ,nice pickling cukes for sale. They are in the cooler in front of the shop. Along with some bags of 4” pickles and green and yellow beans today!
Aug 8 - 1:22 pm
I have a 5 gallon bucketful of really nice- not fat , 5” cukes. Perfect for Spears, Chunks or relish. $20 in the cooler in front of the shop. There are also small bags and green and yellow beans!
Aug 6 - 1:11 pm
I have a large amount of 4” pickling cukes today . There is an 11 pound bag of 4” cukes for $10 and a 20 pound bag of 4-5” cukes for $20. I also have small bags out too. They are in the cooler in from of the shop. Leave your payment in the designated spot! Thank you!
Aug 5 - 2:58 pm
Lots of green beans today! I’m making some in the smoker today! What’s your favorite way to eat fresh beans?
Aug 5 - 1:38 pm
Does anyone want some 4-5” canning cukes?? I have a bushel but will split in half. Call 849-4819 and leave a message if I don’t answer. Nice clean cukes $22 half bushel.
Aug 4 - 1:40 pm
I have some nice green and yellow beans and 4-5” pickling cukes today. They are packaged in pre weighed bags in a white cooler in front of the shop. Take what you need and leave your $ in the designated spot. The shop is closed until pumpkin season so any produce will be in the cooler. I will still take orders for pies anytime by calling 849-4819.
Aug 3 - 9:16 pm
Just wanted to let you know we are done with blueberries! I did freeze a lot in quart bags , so if you need any during the winter, let me know!

Polly's Pumpkin Patch opened in 2003 when we decided to carry on the farming tradition and bought the Juckem family farm. The farm has been in the Juckem family since 1889 and vegetables were grown here then also.

We feel its very important to offer the freshest produce, harvested daily by hand to all our customers.