Fun for the entire family
Polly's Pumpkin Patch LLC offers Northeast Wisconsin residents so much more then fresh berries, produce, sweet corn and vegetables, grown right here and harvested every day! We also specialize in Wisconsin Cheese, Door County products, local honey, crafts and much much more!

Polly's also has a huge selection of pumpkins, gourds and everything else needed for fall decorating! Looking for a fun place to bring the family? We have enough to keep you entertained all day with our 15 acre Corn Maze and Family Activity Center open in September and October!

Pollys on facebook
Aug 18 - 12:53 pm
Lots of cucumbers, zucchini, pickle cukes and tomatoes today! They're out in front of the shop in the cooler! We have extra pickle cukes - anyone interested! Little 2" ones!
Aug 17 - 3:20 pm
SOLD ! I have 1/2 bushel of pickles , 4 inches long. Anyone want them?? $25. They are in a red cooler in front of the shop.
Aug 14 - 1:37 pm
Today we have beets, cucumbers, kohlrabi, 2 zucchini, pickling cukes, green peppers and cherry tomatoes and a few tomatoes! No more corn until the next planting is ready ☹️
Aug 13 - 2:54 pm
Our corn maze opens in just 26 days, on Sept 8th! Any guesses as to what this year's theme is? Stay tuned, our 2017 Corn maze video will be coming soon. For more information on hours, pricing and the games that can be played, visit
Aug 11 - 1:33 pm
I have 3/4 bushel of 4" pickles that need a home. They $25 . They are in a red cooler in front of the shop . First one to come gets them!
Aug 11 - 12:37 pm
Friday I have several cucumbers, beets , kohlrabi and bags of 5" pickling cukes. I may have a large amount of 4" pickles- I'll post later if I do. Also will post if we have corn today.
Aug 8 - 3:46 pm
I have a LITTLE corn picked. Due to rain , poor pollination and coons there is not a lot. I have it packed up in $5 bags of 14 ears. Must take the bag. No smaller amounts and please to not go thru the bags! There is pickle cukes , kohlrabi tomatoes and cucumbers too! And peppers!
Aug 7 - 12:25 pm
Today we have lots of cucumbers along with kohlrabi, beets and some picking cukes,and cherry tomoatoes. Sweet corn tomorrow!
Aug 6 - 1:57 pm
We have cukes, peppers , kohlrabi, my first cherry tomatoes- only one pint, beets and a few pickling cukes.
Aug 5 - 12:27 pm
We will not have any produce out today . We are having a big Juckem family reunion! So we'll have lots out tomorrow!

Polly's Pumpkin Patch opened in 2003 when we decided to carry on the farming tradition and bought the Juckem family farm. The farm has been in the Juckem family since 1889 and vegetables were grown here then also.

We feel its very important to offer the freshest produce, harvested daily by hand to all our customers.