Fun for the entire family
Polly's Pumpkin Patch LLC offers Northeast Wisconsin residents so much more than fresh berries, produce, sweet corn and vegetables, grown right here and harvested every day! We also specialize in Wisconsin Cheese, Door County products, local honey, crafts and much much more!

Polly's also has a huge selection of pumpkins, gourds and everything else needed for fall decorating! Looking for a fun place to bring the family? We have enough to keep you entertained all day with our 15 acre Corn Maze and Family Activity Center open in September and October!

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May 24 - 2:05 pm
I have rhubarb out in the cooler now $1.50 a pound. I have lots of it if you need large amounts let me know.
May 24 - 2:00 am
Our strawberries are blossoming! That means berries in about 30 days!!
May 23 - 2:19 pm
The cooler is full of asparagus today!
May 21 - 1:20 pm
18 pounds of asparagus out in the cooler! Motherload today! $3.50/pound. I snap the stalk at the tough spot so you should not need to break more off!
May 19 - 12:56 am
Transplanting 12,000 new strawberry plants for next year is in the books!! I was in the 2nd seat. Boy do I have a sun burn!
May 17 - 5:04 pm
Asparagus is sold out today.
May 16 - 3:23 pm
Fresh asparagus is available. Look for the red cooler in front of the shop!
May 15 - 1:44 pm
Our asparagus is finally growing! We will have it for sale starting tomorrow! Limited amounts for now as it is just starting to grow. It will be in a red cooler IN FRONT of the shop. It is $3.50 for a 1 pound bag. You will need to have the correct change and leave your payment in the desinated area. The shop will open when strawberries are ready in about a month!! Pictures coming!
May 11 - 9:14 pm
Just used up my last bags of frozen rhubarb and strawberries! Ummmm yummy! Fresh rhubarb will be ready soon and strawberries near the end of June! Asparagus soon- if it ever quits raining and warms up!
Apr 30 - 12:03 pm
Our visitor Saturday morning! We've never seen one here before. Those are crows next to it in the second picture.

Polly's Pumpkin Patch opened in 2003 when we decided to carry on the farming tradition and bought the Juckem family farm. The farm has been in the Juckem family since 1889 and vegetables were grown here then also.

We feel its very important to offer the freshest produce, harvested daily by hand to all our customers.