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Polly's Pumpkin Patch offers Northeast Wisconsin residents so much more then fresh berries, produce, sweet corn and vegetables, grown right here and harvested every day! We also specialize in Wisconsin Cheese, Door County products, local honey, crafts and much much more!

Polly's also has a huge selection of products for home gardeners and landscapers as well, including starter and bedding plants and a large variety of hanging baskets. We start our own plants early and offer several varieties to choose from - making us your do-it yourself destination for all of your planting needs!

Pollys on facebook
May 24 - 11:40 pm
37 Varieties of pumpkins and gourds planted, 7 varieties of squash planted, thousands of strawberries planted, sweet corn planted, Corn Maze planted, vegetables planted- can we rest now??
May 24 - 1:02 am
'We haven't even picked this years strawberries yet, but we're planting more for next year!
May 23 - 11:43 pm
Did you know we will have strawberries this year? They are looking great! They are flowering, so still need a few weeks. We will have pick your own and prepicked available!
May 23 - 6:56 pm
Done planting 37 different varieties of pumpkins and gourds! That's 100 plus rows! Now on to more sweet corn! Pollyspumpkinpatch .com PS - Yes! That's our strawberries to the right! More info soon!
May 23 - 12:30 am
Great videao about farming!
May 22 - 1:56 pm
We have a lot of asparagus this morning!
May 21 - 8:21 pm
Today's asparagus is sold out! More by 8 am tomorrow!
May 20 - 12:08 pm
It's a beautiful morning for picking asparagus! I have a lot again today!
May 19 - 9:58 pm
Can anyone guess what I am doing in this video??
May 19 - 12:42 pm
Lot of asparagus today! It is still self serve in a cooler in front of the shop!

Polly's Pumpkin Patch opened in 2003 when we decided to carry on the farming tradition and bought the Juckem family farm. The farm has been in the Juckem family since 1889 and vegetables were grown here then also.

We feel its very important to offer the freshest produce, harvested daily by hand to all our customers.