We will be opening soon for Strawberry season! We're looking at somewhere arount June 23. You can pick your own or order pre picked berries ( 10 pound flat) by calling 849-4819.We will have quarts available in the shop.

Strawberry Rhubarb,  Cinnamon Apple, Dutch Apple, Pumpkin, Cherry
 Feel free to call 849-4819 to order your favorite.

Our shop is packed with a wide variety of snacks, drinks, Smoked Salmon and Trout, canned goods- such as Salsa, Jam,
Bar B Que sauce, Pickles, Maple syrup, Apples ( in season)and Local Honey- from Bees on our property.

Polly’s Pumpkin Patch  will offer fresh picked sweet corn- usually available  starting mid to late July.
You may call and order any time by calling 920-849-4819
Farm fresh - Locally grown produceFarmers Market produce without the wait!Largest selection of Pumpkins & Gourds in the greater Fox Valley area!
At Pollys Pumpkin Patch, we take pride in our quality produce that we harvest “fresh from our garden to your home”. All of our vegetables are picked early in the morning every day so they are at the peak of freshness. The produce is cleaned and placed in a cooler to keep it as fresh as possible. We feed our vegetable plants micro-nutrients which are organically certified and help to grow a healthier plant. All of our vegetable plants are started from seed here on the farm. We are well known for our canning pickles and super-delicious sweetcorn. There is no reason to wait for Farmers Markets in Appleton or other Fox Vally communities, Polly's is your local grower and provider of the freshest grown vegetables you will find!
Polly's is well known for our wide variety of pumpkins and gourds. We grow over 40 different kinds in all shapes, sizes and colors! We have the tiny Jack Be Little up to giant pumpkins weighing over 100 pounds! Kids love picking out a pink , green or blue pumpkin in addition to the orange jack o lantern pumpkins. If you like bumpy, odd, weird shaped things- you’ll love our gourds! Polly can help you build her famous Pumpkin Tower and put together a fantastic display your neighbors will be jealous of! We have several sizes of straw bales, decorative corn, broom corn and bundles of corn stalks to finish off the display that will make your yard the one everyone wants to see!
1st of season - May
Mid-late summer
Sweet Corn
Our delicious sweet corn is available
Late July, August & Sept

July - Oct

Cherry & Grape Tomatoes
July - Oct
July & August

Pickling Cucumbers
July & August
Mid June & Early July
Michigan Blueberries
Mid July & Early August
Polly's Pumpkin Patch - Farm Market store:
Visit Polly’s Farm Market Store to find a wide variey of Wisconsin products we proudly offer.
  • Fresh Baked Pies and Cookies - we do special orders!
  • Local Wisconsin Honey
  • Pure Maple Syrup
  • Various Jams & Jelly , Salsa
  • Pickles and Pickled Vegetables
  • Pancake, Muffin and dessert mixes
  • Hennings Cheese Curds on Fridays fall season
Winter Squash
Sept & Oct
Pies & Cookies

Always available!
Contact us to order
all year long.
Henning's Cheese Curds
Every Friday (when open)
Bulk foods
Door County - Pure Maple Syrup
Local Pure Raw Honey
Locally Jarred Pickled veggies

(Market Store - When open)

Polly’s Pumpkin Patch is dedicated to farming with a conscience. While our farm is not organic, there are just as many benefits of non-organic agriculture when a carefully managed integrated crop management plan is used. We know the importance of food safety, and we follow very careful management practices to use a minimal amount of chemicals. All of the chemicals used are tested and certified to be used on a specific vegetable crop. We only use chemicals when absolutely necessary, however they do provide benefits. Many times when we do apply chemicals it is early in the season before any fruit has formed. This means that the fruit has never come in contact with chemicals. Most of the chemicals are used to treat disease or weeds around the plant. Some chemicals are also made from natural ingredients, and they treat problems just like Mother Nature. Polly’s number one priority is the safety of our product for our customers and we work hard to make sure our crops our safe and good for you.