Blueberries fresh from Michigan

2022 We are taking orders!
Due to Fuel/shipping costs, this year we will be getting larger deliveries of berries. That means we will only get a few deliveries! We are hoping this works out for most of you!

Our grower says the berries look great this year and will be later than usual, so that may mean closer to the end of July. Watch for updates here! Thank you!

To pre-order 10 pound flats  click here or call us at 920-849-4819. Orders get filled in the order we recieve them and we will be filling orders for approximately 3-4 weeks! Quarts and pints will be available in the shop daily.  Our berries come from Holland, Michigan less than 24 hours after they are picked so they are really fresh and tasty!! If you love bluberries give us call!!
2022 PRICING   
Pint                $3.50
Quart             $7.00
5 lbs flat       $21.00
10 lbs flat     $38.00