Pick your own FRESH Strawberries at Polly's Pumpkin Patch! The freshest and best berries in the Greater Appleton and Fox Valley area!

At Pollys Pumpkin Patch, we know that getting fresh berries is more then just buying them, it is about knowing you picked them and just how fresh they really are! All of our berries we make available can be picked early in the morning every day once they are ripe so they are at the peak of freshness.

There is no reason to run to the grocery store or wait for Farmers Markets in Appleton or other Fox Vally communities, Polly's is your local grower and provider of the freshest grown Strawberries you will find!

2021-  Strawberry Season  is OPEN
Monday PYO closed. No Prepicked and the shop will be closed also. Our late variety of strawberry is almost ripe!
Open again Tuesday. 

  • Prepicked  Available in the store 8am while supplies last. We recommend morning pickup. We do not take orders.
  • Quart $5.50
  • 4 quart flat $20
  • 6 quart flat  $30
  • 8 quart flat $40
To contact us and verify berry availability and picking times, click here or call us at 920-849-4819. Please leave a message loudly and clearly if we don't answer!